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Christmas in July for Retailers

Retailers all over the area are receiving their winter┬áholidays goodies. As the summer heat beats down on the beaches, merchandisers from clothing to crafts will be going over their lists…checking their boxes twice and trying to decide how to display all the glittering goods they have chosen to sell to their clientele.

You’ll notice leaves and colors are starting to turn to fall at all your favorite malls and big box stores. Back to school sales have officially started for all those kiddies that will be heading out to universities in the next few week. Phew…seemed like summer just started a few days ago?

If you are an avid crafter, NOW is the time to start your gifts. Those of you who choose to sell their wares may be a few months behind if you are just starting. With a good attitude and some good old fashion hard work you can catch up! Make sure you are booking your spaces for craft shows in your area, and your web sites are up to date. Work out the bugs for your online ordering process. When people are buying is the wrong time to find out you are having a problem.

Go to your sources to reconfirm jewelery styles and colors. Clothing styles and fabric choices for winter have changed too. Read, look an listen. Be ahead of the pack and you will be happier, wiser, and sold out! So as the summer sun is appearing at your favorite beach, be sure you are starting your own trends and making waves into with your style! Have a great July!

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