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Even puppies look beautiful with flowers in their fur! #dogs #flowers


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Even puppies look beautiful with flowers in their fur! #dogs #flowers

Arbor Day is a Dirty Job!

For a decade I have managed the Arbor Day Celebration in a town that “used” to be a sleepy little farm town famous for its apples, tomatoes and dairy cows. Far enough from the big city, yet close enough to enjoy both places.  

Times have changed and the only thing really growing in the town are the McMansions and Condos. The town that was voted #1 place to live by Money Magazine has is now home to wealthy people, celebrities and sports stars.

 Times are a changing!

Most of us “long time” residents of a mere 15 or 20 years, remember the horses and cows walking in the roadways. The beautiful apple orchards bringing us festive flowers in the spring and shiny red apples to pick in the fall. The quiet nights and starry nights were spectacular. The water we drink comes from deep spring aquifers. The water is the best anywhere on the planet. Family members come for visits just to drink the clean crisp cold water from our well.

The growth of the town has brought pavement…plenty of it. Ball fields, tons of them …with huge pole lights that are on most nights till very late in the evening, and something unnatural surface called “turf”.  It’s amazing how kids could play sports on mere grass for all those years. Shopping centers are popping up. Restaurants with all their “unique odors” and other uncomfortable hazards should you be unfortunate to have to live near one. Traffic has become a nightmare at certain times of the day. Crime has increased. What happened??

As the Lorax says…”I speak for the Trees”.

Enough. If only one time a year, can we take a break from the insanity that is called development. Can we stop for just a moment and celebrate trees. Those big woody creatures with all the leaves. Trees that keep us cool in the summer and bring us warmth in the winters. Trees that clean the rain water as it falls and helps the water go deep down to our ONLY source of drinking water, the aquifer.

Too many trees have been taken down for the sake of development. Those trees that brought us such great joy. The reason we came to live here in the first place. Do I sound like the Lorax?

As we prepare for Arbor Day this year, the children in the elementary schools have designed posters. “Plant Trees to Save Water, Flora and Fauna”.


Did I mention that our beloved town has some wooded areas still left. In these woods are beloved endangered species of birds, turtles, plants, and reptiles. They are not gone. YET.

Like the Lorax, I stand on the soap box and ask everyone in town to “celebrate trees”. We gift each resident who takes the time out of their busy day to come out to the event, a free tree sapling. After 10 years, many folks have told me just how tall their trees have grown. That makes me smile.

I encourage residents to “get dirty”….to enjoy the earth and the trees that we are so fortunate to have around us.

Each year a ceremonial tree is planted. We honor a person who has given back to the earth and promoted the environment.

They teach our children about the environment, they plant gardens, they volunteer at many state parks in the area. “Salt” of the earth type people. They are special.

They are very proud and happy to have a tree planted in their honor. These people are our many “Lorax” that live amongst us.

Call them “Tree Huggers”,  call them “wackos” for not wanting to pave over paradise. My kind of people. I too speak for the Trees. I ask you to join us. Arbor Day is a Dirty Job and someone has to do it. I am happy it’s ME!

Happy Arbor Day…now go “get dirty” and plant a tree!

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Mike Rowe Honey

Delicious honey all its positive agricultural, historical, educational, nutritional, economic boom factoids…and not to mention how we gather the golden treasure. Honey is the new urban farmers crop, building NJ Garden State pride. A dirty job…and how!  smoky, sticky, and stingy ..I wonder why Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs hasn’t contacted us yet. Some of the best bee keepers in the world are not scientists, locked behind the world’s university walls, but regular people…like you and me. Discover the world of Bee Keeping. The deep history and nutritional super food. Bees keep the world running, the economy humming, and people fed. Let us know your questions about the bees.

Christmas in July for Retailers

Retailers all over the area are receiving their winter holidays goodies. As the summer heat beats down on the beaches, merchandisers from clothing to crafts will be going over their lists…checking their boxes twice and trying to decide how to display all the glittering goods they have chosen to sell to their clientele.

You’ll notice leaves and colors are starting to turn to fall at all your favorite malls and big box stores. Back to school sales have officially started for all those kiddies that will be heading out to universities in the next few week. Phew…seemed like summer just started a few days ago?

If you are an avid crafter, NOW is the time to start your gifts. Those of you who choose to sell their wares may be a few months behind if you are just starting. With a good attitude and some good old fashion hard work you can catch up! Make sure you are booking your spaces for craft shows in your area, and your web sites are up to date. Work out the bugs for your online ordering process. When people are buying is the wrong time to find out you are having a problem.

Go to your sources to reconfirm jewelery styles and colors. Clothing styles and fabric choices for winter have changed too. Read, look an listen. Be ahead of the pack and you will be happier, wiser, and sold out! So as the summer sun is appearing at your favorite beach, be sure you are starting your own trends and making waves into with your style! Have a great July!

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This Fall Business Blooms??

I have noticed lately that everyone is a designer…jewelery, crafts, and other sundry creative items… The experts in creative items are falling over each other for your dollars.

Many will be casting caution to the wind and trying out new business ventures this fall.

As a seasoned retailer….I caution that making your avocation your vocation..can sometimes cause a bit of heart break.

If business plans are all written and a good stash of living expenses have been put to the side. You are off to a good start.

The economy is a rocky one at best.. those souls who will be launching new ventures should be commended for their brave nature… Ignorance is sometimes bliss.

And it’s always good to have a rich relatives who can help you when the going gets tough. Rock on entreprenuers! I salute you!



Welcome to the Craft Couture Blog Site!

This is the first post….of the rest of my life!

A savvy blog site that will feature the newest trends in the visual arts and crafting.

Lots of similar blogs…we will strive to be different. Topics will cover an array of paper crafts, scrapbooking, jewelery, illustrations, painting, and fashion.

How to start on such wonderful topics???

Your particiaption will be crucial to the success of this blog. We will talk the brands such as EK Success, Cricut, Martha Stewart, JoLee Jewels, Dimensions, the list goes on and on…..

This is also a site that would like to see your tips on the uses of everyday “throw-away” items that were transformed into your own personal coutore. The empty Tide bottle, the empty Folgers Coffee container, plastic bags, “good” cardboard boxes and recycled clothing and fabrics.

Thanks for reading my FIRST POST! I encourage you to take the long and fun ride as we explore all things visual.